IELM 1010/1020




Topic: Discuss what you have learnt from the Course IELM 1010/1020 in the Fall Term 2014


v  Due Date: on or before Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014 at 11 a.m.





v  Please submit your individual report in hard copy to IELM 1010/1020 Collection Box, outside IELM Department General Office, Room 5551, Lift 27-28


v  Plagiarism is not accepted.  Do not directly copy from the worldwide web or work of others (your classmates, previous semester, etc), journals, articles, magazines, etc.  If you plagiarize this will affect your result. 


v  You are highly recommended to start your work earlier

v  Students will FAIL the course for a number of reasons ie

Ø  poor quality of the individual report;

Ø  if there is no submission of the individual report;

Ø  if any plagiarism is found.

v  Each student has to write at least one page (excluding title page and List of References) to your individual report with the required format below:

Ø  Format: Single line spacing

Ø  Font: Times New Roman

Ø  Font size: 12

Ø  Margin: 1" (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)

Ø  The assignment must be stapled

Ø  Please try to print on both sides



General: Focus on one of the guest speakers at any of the seminars of the course IELM 1010/1020 (2014 Fall Semester). Summarize what you have learnt from this person, what their contribution has been and why you think this is important. The seminar should be included in the class schedule of the course websites at http:/ for the 2014 Fall Semester.


v  The assignment will be structured with three parts (or more):


Ø  Part 1: The introduction

·         Background or  typical activities related to  the topic

·         What you found positive, interesting and of value about the course


Ø  Part 2. Main Body

·         Explain each point for writing about the guest speakers or the seminar in a separate paragraph.

·         ……


Ø  Part 3. Conclusion

·         Summarize all your ideas that can apply/extend to your future career path

·         ……


(This is for your reference.  You may have your own structure.)


v  You are allowed to use tables, charts, figures, etc in the report, but please keep in mind that all of those have to be relevant to the topic


v  Please cite all references from any material that you copy from other sources, eg internet, technical journals, newspapers, books etc.


v  Refer to Top Tips to improve your individual report on the IELM 1010/1020 website.


v  Check your work for spelling and grammar and citation of references. 


v  Develop your writing style by using a thesaurus to vary your vocabulary.



Download: Outline of a Technical Report


Please note:

If you have any queries about the report, please contact Huanhuan YANG(



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